"Zion Narrows"

What technical feedback would you like if any?

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All commentary is welcome

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0.4 sec @ f/11, 24 mm TS-E lens, ISO 640.

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This is just fantastic! You MUST have been knee deep in the river, right? The pov just puts the viewer right there in the middle of the rushing water. AND, to top this off, I absolutely love the transparency and seeing the rocks beneath the flowing water. Just enough included up top for balance and context.

I think one of you best posted so far! No nits or suggestions here!


edit: ok, the extra large view reveals quite a few dust bunnies - I’d say your sensor is quite dusty! But there are just a few prominent dust spots at the bottom center triangular area; hardly noticeable in the small version, but become apparent the bigger this gets.

This is sweet! It’s an optical illusion, but it looks like the water is flowing upward. The color and tonality look great. The composition is stellar. I do see the dusties, too.

A minor nit, presentation-wise: The green frame doesn’t quite work for me. I think white would work better.

A wonderfully dynamic photograph Doug. You feel like you are about to rush away with the water. Great perspective. How cold was that water? My only critique is that the water streaks at the bottom of the frame are just a bit out of focus. I would have thought you could have completely gotten all the water in sharp focus using a TS-E lens with a slight movement. Also it looks like you could use some dust cloning in the water all throughout the bottom of the frame.

What a beautiful photo, it drags you right into it.
Very interesting composition, I really like how the scene is divided. With the rushing water taking up a big part of the photo and they work so good as leading lines as well.

One thing I might try is to darken the bottom of the image, just to close up the corners and guide the eyes even more into the river gorge.

I agree with Preston, this optical illusion effect is pretty interesting. On the right side of the image the water looks to be flowing towards the viewer. On the left side of the image, the rock in the water appears to have the water flowing left to right, ie away from the viewer. I think we are actually looking downstream, Doug could you please tell us whether its an upstream or downstream view?

I like that you went for a different kind of Narrows image, one that emphasized the water over the glowing rock walls. I agree with @jurre that some more vignetting, would help, especially in the ULC and LLC.

Doug, I see here just a very powerful image that takes me if I jump in to I don’t know where.Great work.

Super Doug. The flow and texture takes you right into the picture. Great find on the water action.

Thank you all! The dust bunny thing…I’ve got to pay more attention to :slight_smile: I did a cursory look-over, but I get eager to finish and post…so I’ll slow it down for a bunny check. Thanks for all your interesting perspectives. This was a downstream view, and we were definitely IN the Virgin River. And yes, it was a little cold. Some folks were walking in the water with bare legs, and I felt compassion for them…and their red legs! We, fortunately, had chest waders on…so we were good.

This is a dynamic image and the stones under the water, the closeness to the surface all bring the viewer right there. I love the yellow tree at the top near brighter orange rocks. The one nit is the person in a turquoise shirt just barely showing on the right side of the large rock at the top center. I like the color of the frame but would prefer it to be thinner. Very strong image despite these minor critiques.

OH…MY…WORD! I had no idea that person was in the photo behind the rock! I’m embarrassed to say that…but I never saw him/her. I’m guessing, the moral of the story is for me to get new glasses, or maybe I should zoom way in and inspect every mm of the photo! TX for noticing that.