A Break in the Clouds

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 7D, 10-22 @ 22, 1/500 @ f9, ISO 250

A view from the estate of Lyme Park in Cheshire on a cloudy day with moments when the sun came out.

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What a bucolic scene Ian. It makes me want to throw down a blanket and open the picnic basket. I’ve only visited England once, but it was these rolling hills scenes that I fell in love with.

I 'm wrestling with the patch of blue. My preference would be for it to extend across the entire image. Since nature was uncooperative in that regard, it might be worth considering cropping it.

Ian, the rolling hills of this pastoral scene looks like it could have been taken in Cheshire County, New Hampshire where I grew up. Now I know why it was probably named Cheshire County. I love the spot light effect on the clump of trees in the center of the image, and the dappled light on the rest of the hill. I might consider a stronger vignette to emphasize that spotlit area, especially darkening the ULC and URC. I like the placement of the blue sky, its a nice counterpoint to the strong light on the land in the LLC.

This to me has a painterly look to it, a painting from the very early landscape painting period when there was the emphasis on design that came later. I like it very much. I like the idea of having some blue sky in the image but in this case having it all in one corner doesn’t work. It’s a compromise if you crop it off - something is gained and something is lost.

The group of central trees is really interesting from a non photographic point of view. Why have they been left standing? Why weren’t they cleared? My guess is that there are some really huge boulders under them that made the land less useful. That’s just an aside.


I too am really enjoying the pastoral scene. A grand view showcasing the English countryside.

I can see John’s point about the patch of sky, but for me, given the sun is poking out and illuminating the landscape, the open sky helps connect the sky and the land - if that makes sense. I definitely agree with John on the idea of a blanket and picnic…

Lovely greens and processing. No nits or suggestions.


Beautiful patch of light on a great scene. I am inclined to crop out the blue sky. It was my first thought on opening it, before reading any comments. Doing a scroll crop, it really makes the rest of the scene pop for me. Otherwise, I find it an eye puller.