A Brown Pellican with a Splash

Taken at Ding Darling in Florida a few weeks back. I wish it was one in breeding plumage ( to make up for its looks :slight_smile:

Specific Feedback Requested

The usual nit picks would be just fine

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Nice action moment captured. Love all the water droplets. Well-reacted ! You may consider a slightly tighter crop, other than that no nits from my side. Cheers, Hans

Hi Karl, I really like the water behind the bird and on the beak. well captured take off pose. Nice light. Also nice that the bird seems slightly angled toward us. well done.

Karl, this is a great action catch, with the flying water behind and more water falling from the beak.

Thank you @Allen_Sparks , @Mark_Seaver and @Hans_Overduin

One day, hopefully, I will get a fish in its net :slight_smile:

Hi Karl
Love Pelican. Vary good detail, action and framing. You might think about lowering the exposure on the Pelican. It would also be nice to know some of the technical (camera, lens, …)

Thanks @peter
Tech details - Nikon D850 at 550 mm using the 180-400 with TC
1/3200 sec / F8 / iso 1100