A farmhouse near the sleattemer mar in friesland ( the netherlands)There are every year sail competitions

What technical feedback would you like if any? All critique is welkom for this image made with a pocketcamera Canon s100.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? What about the composition ?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: canon S100 F8 1/400 Iso 100

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Hi Ben,

I love the light in this photo and am a sucker for that great sky, so much so that I would love to have seen more of it. But would I be right in thinking that you were trying to avoid the sun directly?

After you just told me to crop the bottom off my photo, I’m tempted to do the same! I don’t think the layer of green foreground adds anything to the picture for me, and I wonder if you could have taken a couple of steps forward to eliminate it. While cropping, as much as I love the glint of the sea in the background, I’d crop in from the right to remove the far tree altogether - it’s currently wedged right against the edge of the frame and that feels slightly awkward for me.

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Thank you, James. Nice comment !


The quality of light is quite lovely in this one. Clouds are great and this is a nice rural landscape.

I would agree James that there’s a lot of foreground that isn’t adding a whole lot of interest really. A bit of a crop off the bottom would help with that in addition to making for a nice panorama.


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Lon,that is again a nice comment. My thoughts for this image and why I let the grass in . It brings just a good balance in the color, otherwise it’s a rather brown picture. For the whole composition The sky and lake- the farmhouse- the field and also the green grass belonging to the farmhouse make it all inn balance for me.

Ben I actually like the composition as presented. I agree with you about needing the green grass to prevent this from being just a a brown picture. I think your foreground does nicely balance the scene. Speaking of brown, my only nit is that feels a little too warm for my taste, I think you could cool it down a bit without losing the sunlit glow effect.

Thank you, Ed. Very helpful comment !

A very evocative image, Ben ! You almost feel yourself there, battling the wind. The clouds remind me a little of Rysdael paintings, the mood too, and I like that sliver of light falling on what I imagine is water in the distant R of the frame.

Exactly as I meant it. Thank’s for your positive comment, Ian. And yes the light is the lake " sleattermer" or in dutch “slotermeer”.