A Piece of Sky

Music and photography go hand in hand for me. Quite often I’ll see a scene and immediately think of a song. Sometimes the song comes up only during photo development at home. A lot of music has been written about stormy skies. Their beauty in photography is evident, I know. However, I must confess that my love for travel is a notch above my love of photography. In other words, I make photos when I travel and do not often travel only to make photos. (I hope you’ll still allow me to continue being a member of the NPN.) Since I don’t plan what I’ll photograph, I know that luck and nature are most of the time on my side when I capture scenes such as this one. I made this photo in 2011 while visiting Mt. Rainier NP. We had passed Louise Lake on the way to the Paradise Visitor Center, but we couldn’t stop because of bad weather. On the way back, though, Mother Nature granted me this view.

Specific Feedback Requested

Besides the edit and composition themselves, are the colors acceptable? Any feedback is most welcome.

Technical Details


Egidio, I like this photo very much. Viewing this scene would make me sing too. The clouds wrapping themselves around the peak as if to say, “We’ll give you a little show”. Beautifully done.

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Thanks, @Donna_Callais . The stars aligned for me – or in this case, the clouds parted at the right time we were in that area.

Nice composition with cloud framing. A perfect way to look at the mountains.

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Lovely image AND I appreciate your comments on travel and photography. Once I returned home with great photos and a poor remembrance of the place I had visited. Not good!

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Thank you kindly, @David_Schoen and @JohnSnell . About traveling, it is only recently that I have done specific photo walks with a friend here in town. When my husband and I travel, I try to be respectful of his time and don’t linger too long along a trail. Honestly, the shots I make while traveling are purely on the spur of the moment. Nature makes the call and is in control.

This makes me smile! When with my wife, I rarely have my cameras. It made our 55 years together easier to have happened.

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This is very nice, almost painterly. Beautifully done and beautifully seen.

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Beautiful image Egidio! Great timing to be there when the clouds break like this. Well done!

I have to echo both you and @JohnSnell. I take my camera when we travel but my wife has no patience for photography so I just take snapshots to remind me of the places we see. I very rarely come home with a shot as nice as this.

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Thank you both, @Tom_Nevesely and @Steve_Kennedy , for your feedback and compliment. They’re appreciated.