A View of Ketchikan

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Just returned from a cruise to Alaska. This image was captured in Ketchikan, Alaska. Besides the beautiful scene, I was attracted by the stream running along the stilted boardwalk and the interesting reflections that were produced in the water.

Specific Feedback

Overall impression of the scene and capture. Does it create interest or is it just ordinary.

Technical Details

Captured using a Nikon Z7ii with a Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4S
Aperture priority
@ 60mm
ISO 64
1/30 sec @ f/8 (-1/3 EV)

Hi Ray,

Excellent view from Ketchikan. I’ve never been, but I like this intimate glimpse of the Alaskan town. The reflection is quite nice and compliments the scene nicely. There is overall interest and I come away with the impression of, “life in the little town of Ketchican…” Although the people near the center kinda hint of a touristy location, but more importantly I like that this shows the elevated buildings over the stream indicating some some sort of seasonal or tidal changes…

The processing and colors look quite natural.

A couple of things regarding the post. I noticed you posted another image after this one. We ask just 1 post per day, although often times we aren’t really paying attention… :slight_smile: But also, since the primary subject is thet town, buildings, etc. and not a nature image, I’m going to go ahead and move this to the non-nature gallery. I hope you understand, but I think given the other image is all about nature, that this one is the choice to move. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for sharing!


Yes, thank you. I haven’t been here in many years, so I was not aware of the one image per day limit. Where can I read about submission related guidelines? Is this per category or only one per day?

Hey Ray, no worries. We’re pretty easy going. All the guidelines and help can be found in the “About” section in the top navigation; there you’ll find the “FAQ/Guidelines

And yes, it’s 1 image per day - per category. It’s not so strict, for example, I just posted 3 images yesterday. So it’s ok to post variations of the same scene if you’re wanting feedback on processing, c rops, etc. But the main thing we’re trying to avoid is like where on other image posting sites, you can post as many images as you want! You get a bunch of ‘likes’ and wooo-hooo… but here we’re focused on critiques and critical feedback - and not ‘likes’. :slight_smile: Hope that all makes sense!

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Yes it does make sense. Thanks for clarifying!

I just love that area. I went on a cruise once, and as we came into town, I shot it from the ship. I love the angle that you shot this, and the gentle curve it has. If I go on another cruise, I now know to get off the ship and just walk around versus going on a land tour. Fun work, altho I can’t imagine living there thru a winter storm! Great colors captured also.

Thank you Judi. Ketchikan is my favorite Alaskan town. It is so beautiful. I agree, it is too cold to live there. Although I live in northern Oregon, the weather is moderate here even in the winter. Not by Miami standards ( where I grew up), but still reasonable. Again, thanks for the the comment. Ray

I live in eastern Washington so we are probs close. Our winters aren’t too bad, and I was born and raised and lives in northeast ohio. Snow belt. Blizzards. Real winters. This here is nothing. But I’m sure a good Alaska winter is crazy!