Rains had brought down mineral deposits…in the form of little streams …that were flowing into the sea. The flow is towards the top of the frame.
6DII, 24-105, F16, 1/20

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Is this a composite: No


Oh my. This is perhaps the best image I have seen from you, and there have been many good ones over the years. There are so many suggestive objects from this form. Flames. A plant. A vegetable sliced open. Even clouds. It’s slightly blurry but that seems to add to it’s suggestive qualities. You could do much more post processing, such as raising the white point, but this is also fine as it is. Great job!

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This is an evocative abstract Balan and I like it a lot. The only suggestion I have is to clone out the larger white spots in the upper left.

I can totally see what made you take this image, those abstract lines and shapes are just an eye candy. Made me with i could go to beach look to the sand for hours.
To me more interesting details are on the right side, so i hope you don’t mind but i went crazy with this one and reworked it a bit in that direction:

I cropped it to eliminate those with spots on the left (foam i think) and to create a diagonal flow, added a vignette to darken the ULC and LRC and worked to curve to raise the withes of the image and create more contrast and more engagement.
Of course, this is my interpretation of a already gorgeous image.

Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic abstract Balan. I love the purple colors in the “flames” I agree with @Igor_Doncov about raising the white point, and I see that @João_Ferrão has gone in this sort of direction as well with his rework. I like the composition as presented, it gives it more of the look of flames. I could also see you getting away with a slight boost in color saturation, and well as a luminosity increase, if you wanted a bit more pop. As an abstract you have some leeway to go that route if you like.

Very cool abstract. I equally like the original and the @João_Ferrão crop. Both work for me, they are just different. No other suggestions here. Very well done.

I like this Balan, at first glance I thought that this was a plant or sea weed. The shapes and texture capture my imagination.