Acorn Woodpecker

From a few days ago at the feeders. These guys are the playground bullies.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 + 2X at 600, ISO 1600, f/11, 1/250. Highlights and Shadows in raw. In PS, a little cropped from the left and part of a feeder removed. A little added to the top. A bit of microscopic cloning.

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Very fine capture Diane! Love the pose with the backwards look and nice view of the feet/claws. Details look great as well as does the color rendition. Pleasing background too. Very nice frame.

Excellent all around, Diane. A perfect image. Well done.

Great looking pose for the Acorn Woodpecker, I usually get them drilling in the tree. I never noticed the white feet before.

Excellent pose and a classy perch, Diane. A beautiful image.

Thanks guys! @Stephen_Stanton, their feet are a medium gray – not sure why they came out so light here. There were some soft clouds this day and the sun would have been close to behind me.

Nice one Diane. Great look at the eye, nice head turn, good light and sharp. The background is pleasing and I like the perch. If you have more room I’d love to see a portrait view of this so that the tail is not almost leaving the frame but it’s certainly wonderful as is. They really are the playground bullies, Aren’t they?

Beautiful capture of this woodpecker, Diane. I especially like the pose. Well done!

The pose makes this for me. Also like the perch and the color and detail in the woodpecker looks perfect. Nice one.

A very nice capture of this Woodpecker, Diane! The exposure is excellent as are colors and details. It’s always a challenge to decide which way to compose these types of shots where the birds body is pointed one way and their head the other. Consequently I always shoot a number of shots with opposing compositions and make the choice later. If the head would have been turned a little less and it was looking more at the camera I might have composed it on the right side but in this case I think you made the right choice as the bird appears to be looking more to the right than directly at you.

Outstanding pose, color, detail. Well composed.

Thanks, everyone!! I’m facing a stretch of bad light, having lost my favorite tree that gave me some soft filtered morning light, and no way to rely on clouds here for the next few months.

This is such a striking portrait Diane. Wonderful detail from the tip of his claws to the whiskers on his chin! Great pose, perch and background. Love his light coloured eye.

We have had clouds, torrential rain, and flooding since February. Our winter is generally dry, but not this one. Foul weather has been here for weeks. I never thought I would hear myself say “we’ve had enough rain”.

HI Diane
The head turning make this framing work. The coloring, detail and contrast control on the Acorn Woodpecker look great. I also love the eye contact.