Alligator in the swamp

While slowly cruising a north Florida river in Mike Ramy’s boat, we came up behind this Aligator that chose to swim away from us for a bit before it dove. In addition to the good look at the gator’s head, I like the reflections and how they are disturbed by the swimming.

7D2, 75-200 f2.8 + 2.0 TE @ 400 mm, 1/640 s, f/9, iso 800, tripod with loose head

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Hey Mark, after our email exchange I thought I’d take a look see here on the WC Gallery.

WOW, I think I recall some one saying something about needing a bigger boat…LOL
Gosh, these critters from the dinosaur era are quite impressive beasts. Like you I also enjoy the reflections and ripples surrounding the gators head. Nice work with the quick response on this bit of action take too…:sunglasses:

I like it, Mark! I agree that the water is a big part of the image. I like the satin look, the ripples and that you can just see a bit of the Alligator’s body underneath.


Awesome capture! It’s enough to get the top of his head and nostril skimming the surface… but the quasi bokeh in the water, or how you describe the reflections being disturbed, are combining for a wonderful photograph!


Well composed with incredible water. Good thing you are in a boat.