Alluvial Goldfields

This is part of a series on the Whipstick Forest that surrounds Bendigo Victoria. There is little remnant forest due to gold mining in 1850s. All the understory in this area has not grown back and the Ironbark trees are all regrowths. I always feel a sadness when I come across old mining sites.
This is image is bleak and contrasty.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback

Technical Details

Handheld Canon 5d sr 24-105mm at 105mm F4 ISO 200 SS 1/640

David, there is an emotion I felt when I viewed your image. It was one of sadness. There is something about the high contrast, the shadows, and dark almost burnt looking tree trunks. Then I read your caption and understood more of the story you wanted to express.

The image shown here feels grainy but I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. You photographed the scene with a high end camera so I’m puzzled why the image has a posterized look to it. Regardless, quite an interesting image that imparted emotion on me.

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I like the story you’re trying to tell here w/ the contrast… I think its a bit over-done though, at least for my tastes. The bright white is quite overwhelming to me. I wonder if you could pull back on some of that and add more depth to the scene?

I think I probably pushed the image too far it is meant as an abstract image. I have posted another with less contrast dialing the contrast back. I intention was to disturb the viewer. This the edit before I increased the contrast