Along the river

Was looking for images along a local river when the light peaked over the cliff (high river bank) and lit up these trees with new spring leaves

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the bottom left corner too dark or muddy. I haven’t applied any noise reduction but I don’t think it detracts from the image.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f11, 1/320, iso800. I used ISO 800 to increase shutter speed to reduce motion in the leaves and trees due to some wind. 400mm on a 70-400mm lens and tripod.


Looks quite nice to me; I see no issue with noise. I might darken the top to make the subject trees stand out a bit more.

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Very dramatic use of light and shadow here. And your processing of the warm spring colors looks great. You caught the light at just the right time, I love the spotlight effect here.

No it’s not too dark, muddy or noisy for my taste. However I might consider using a 5:7 aspect ratio, cropping some away from both the bottom and the top. I think the luminosity of the LLC is okay, but composition-ally could see having a bit less of it. I would also suggest burning down the top, to further enhance the spotlight effect on the main trees.

The dark bottom works for me as it gives visual space. The composition feels unbalanced within the frame however. The branches on the right feel crowded because the tree is cut off on that side but has space on the other. For some reason that thin white angular tree in the top center bothers me. I think the image would be better without it.