AMA - Jennifer King

We are thrilled to have @Jennifer_King join us in March; prepare your questions for Jennifer! The AMA will start on March 22nd at 10:00 am Eastern time (1:00 pm UTC/GMT) for 24 hours only.

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Jennifer’s Bio

Internationally-acclaimed, award-winning landscape and fine art photographer with a passion for teaching and inspiring photographers around the world, Jennifer draws on her fine art and design background to bring an artistic perspective to nature photography. Her ability to teach composition and inspire creativity is unmatched.

Find her photography, video tutorials, and interviews in Shutter Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Wild Planet, Camera in the Wild, Smoky Mountains Journal of Photography, VIA Magazine, Our State Magazine, F-Stop Collaborate and Listen, Photography Talk, Shutter Monkeys, Landscape Photography Podcast & more!

Jennifer speaks at many yearly photography summits and promotes continued photography education through books, tutorials, webinars and videos.