AMA - Brenda Tharp

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Brenda´s Bio

Brenda has had the great fortune to be able to spend quality time in nature in pursuit of images that capture the remarkable, outstanding beauty of our planet. She seeks an intimate connection with the natural world and is in a constant quest for images and experiences of places that are beyond the beaten path. She hopes to share that world through her personal style and vision.

Photographs have the power to communicate, and it is her sincere hope that her images will express the awe and wonder of what she feels when she is in nature, in the hopes that they may inspire others to respect and preserve our wonderful planet.

She can think of no better way to contribute to the conversation about how precious our world is and the need to keep it safe and alive.

She is drawn to light, shape, texture, color, and moments of perception. In her exploration of nature, she thrills at the prospect of discovering something new or seeing something familiar in a fresh way. She loves it when something stops her in her tracks and says, “photograph me.”

As a workshop instructor, she helps guide people to find their own creative vision and how to use the tools of processing to bring their vision to light.