This was taken while hiking the Paria River Trail that winds its way from UT into AZ. The canyon walls glow when the light bounces off them, but in this composition the back wall needed a far amount of burning in PS.

36mm, iso64, 1/8sec, f16

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Very enjoyable composition to me. Without the stream, the receding lines would be quite nice, but the stream breaks and elaborates that geometry nicely. For me, the colors in the stream are wonderful and the left and right walls are very successful. If you made a tiny crop of the top to delete the almost-white top rim of the bright area, I think the image would be even more inviting.
By the way, the old truck image on your website is a truck I have photographed also … Sept 5 Weekly challenge.

Anna, the shallow stream makes a fine leading line here. You’ve handled the bright reflections both off the walls and in the water well. The lighting looks both real and natural.

Hi Anna, what a beautiful location and well titled; I like the intimate nature of this landscape. The curving stream makes me want to follow it further along. The green vegetation provides a welcome change of texture and color with all the rocks in the scene. I would like to see the foreground and middle rocks a bit brighter, but you had quite a wide range in here to deal with, so that may not have been possible with the sunlit background.

I like this, Anna. The bright rear wall and its reflection lead the eye in, while it’s not so overpowering as to prevent lingering on the rich reds and convoluted strata of the foreground walls.

Thanks for the suggestion. This was about 6 or 7 miles in with a couple more to go before turning around. A long day but well worth the sore feet.

While on a photography workshop, we stopped at Lees Ferry one morning. I would love to go back and spend some more time there. So many photo ops! Thanks for taking the time to look at my website!

Dennis, Jim, Mark- thank you for your comments! It’s good to know I succeeded in avoiding an over-processed look.

Water in the desert, always such a delight! Was this a dayhike or overnight? I have the Paria on my to-do list.

We camped at Whitehouse Campground. Hiked about 9 miles through rivulets, deep sand, mud, and rocks, then turned around to get back before dark. Long day but worth the effort.

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Nice color and leading lines. I’ve hiked quite a bit in Utah canyons but have only been up the Paria from Lees Ferry.

A photographer friend has invited me numerous times on shooting trips to some of his favorite canyons in SE Utah. I haven’t done much camping but it’s evident, after this experience, there’s a benefit to embracing a few nights of sleeping in a tent.

Put the Escalante river at the top of your list. Spring is a good time to go.

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