An Untamed State

It’s a wonder I didn’t fall flat on my face because of turning to see this view while trying to hike. It’s in the Bridger-Teton National Forest which I think gets overlooked when the main park road is open. Surely we wouldn’t have ventured here had it been. Kind of makes me glad it wasn’t. Plus we found a moose skeleton. Or possibly elk. With the head missing we couldn’t tell. And we avoided the crabby bear a sign warning us about.

Specific Feedback Requested

I played with different crops, but settled on this one. Should I lose more sky? I like the width.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld while trying not to fall over myself.


Lr for initial RAW work including the crop, texture and contrast. Some sharpening, nr & lens correction. The usual management for tonalities. Photoshop for a lot of masking with the TK8 panel - to isolate particular colors and shades to do some sculpting in the rock, trees and sky.


Great example of primary colors, Kris. Personally, love the composition, with the foreground, mid and background all balancing each other well. So, no, I wouldn’t crop the sky at all. Nice capture.

Firstly, you’ve managed a very good range of primary colours. It’s an image that makes me want to see what lays a bit beyond the trees. Maybe a gorge?

The crop works fine for me, but I might consider just a sliver off the top?

Thanks @linda_mellor & @glennie - it was a pretty amazing day to be in Wyoming.

Beyond the trees is more forest and … possibly a river, but I can’t recall. So I looked through my catalog and yes, there is a river, but not a gorge. Maybe I’ll see what I can pull from there that’s worthy of looking at.

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Kris, this is a fine mix of red rocks, green trees and blue sky (with a few extras), driving around yesterday looking for possibilities, I was think fresh green fields, a blue sky and a red barn, but you’ve found a fine natural substitute for a red barn. This crop works fine.