Animal or Vegetable?

Image Description

I’ve had many responses to this one. Most of them were a moose or a camel (due to the nose). Being an Alaskan, I’m sure it’s a moose. One person even said it looked like a stick but I’m not buying that one :wink:

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Any critique is appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a6000, SEL1670Z @ 70mm (105mm w/crop factor), ISO-100, f/4.0, 1/250, hand held.

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Gary good fit for the WC theme here. I’ll go with a giraffe’s neck & head. It could go for a moose too. But I’ll stick with my first idea which works best for me… :giraffe:

Definitely a giraffe disguised as a decaying tree limb. Nicely seen Gary.

Gary, I like the way it’s peering so carefully over the edge. The bent end of its nose is very Moose like. Nice job getting some eyeshine.

Hi Gary, besides his obvious resemblance to a native Alaskan moose :wink:, I’m also enjoying the textures and mottled coloring you’ve captured here. Our old friend has certainly weathered well and he seems to have a satisfied grin to boot.

Gary, it is definitely a moose. Immediately, I saw the eye, ears and nose. It appears as if he is looking over the vegetation for something. The way he is a little bit lighter against the background draws your eye to trying to see this as an animal.

What a terrific image.