Another hero

While out and about I can never resist a good barn. This one is clearly used and loved. Check out that brand new roof! Many of our barns have completely curved roofs (I’ll post one of those soon), but some are straight sloped like this one. Most also have stone foundations and walls. Because I don’t trespass or walk in actively cultivated fields, my composition options are limited, but I do my best.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything to improve is welcome.

Technical Details

Handheld while trying not to stand in the ditch. Overexposed 1 stop for snow.


Lr for a crop and a slight shift in white balance. A nice S curve and some texture and clarity. Sharpening & Nr. Also selected the sky and added a touch of dehaze and clarity and took the exposure down .11.

Wonderful composition, Kris. The placement of the barn on the left with the “front” facing into the scene is perfect. I also like the grasses in the foreground as they give it a sense of place.

I suppose you could crop a bit off the sky, making an extreme pano, then crop from the right to lesson the pano, but then the whole feel changes, so…nevermind. Enjoy the wonder just as it is. Well done.

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Great barn!! No need to get closer, in my opinion, as I love the FG! I wonder if you have another shot with the camera aimed down a bit to include more of the grasses. I wouldn’t mind losing half of the sky. I love the way the trees taper off to the right.

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I love this Kris. What a beautiful take. Like @Diane_Miller, I would love to see more of that foreground grass that just sets this whole scene off so well. I can’t believe that barn is still standing. It looks like it’s leaning and bending every which way. Great capture. Oh, and I could lose just a smidgen of sky as well. :slight_smile:

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