Any Black and White Landscape Silver Efex Tutorials out there?

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Do you know any respected black-and-white photographers who put out paid videos on using Silver Efex Pro? I would love to explore this side of landscape photography and would like to understand the post toolset more. I am a big fan of what Ive seen from @Mark_Seawell in Black and White landscapes. Very inspirational.

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Michael, not sure what you might find at Youtube, but just asking in the listing search several NIK Silver Efex tutorials pulled up.

Youtube NIK Silver Efex

Thanks @Paul_Breitkreuz. I was thinking more along the lines of going in depth more than the general youtube. For example, Alex Noriega has videos for purchase for his post processing techniques. I was wondering if any photographer names came up that is a good resource. Thanks.

Michael, sorry to say I do not right off hand. Hopefully others will see this thread and maybe have a name they can provide… :sunglasses:

By the way, if you are already proficient in Photoshop, you can do almost everything that Nik Silver Efex does, and it might be easier to learn how to do it in Photoshop than learn Nik. I am a proficient Photoshop user and have Nik, but never use it because it’s easier for me to do it in Photoshop. And there are most likely lots of videos on black and white conversion in Photoshop. You can see some of my black and white photos here, all done in Photoshop:


One of our NPN contributors @Sarah_Marino has a great course:

If you become a yearly member here on NPN you can take 20% off her videos as well

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If you are looking for SEP Nik Plugin training, I’d recommend Jason O’dell. I used his coarse many years ago to learn and train on SEP.

The other person to search for info on SEP is Nikon Ambassador and NIK employee #3, Vincent Versace. I’ve been to many of his workshops and he can speak at length about SEP product.

Both of these photographers are landscape photographers,

Thanks alot for the resources @Tony_Siciliano, @David_Kingham, @Ed_Fritz! This is exactly what I was looking for.

I definitely should learn PS Fundamentals on Monochrome and how SEP could help with that for a balanced approach. I have to learn to see in Black and White in the Field more and how the image might turn out after post.

I can’t help specifically with your request, Michael, but one thing I will say is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one particular style of monochrome workflow as you get immersed in the plug-in. For this reason, I find the Silver Efex presets nice to have as a starting point. I know a lot of folks try to avoid these types of “templates,” but there are a number of different conversions available in their samples that can serve as a good base for further tweaks, and they may open your eyes to a black and white style that suites one particular photo better than another.

I’m not proficient with the ins and outs of the plug-in, but I like experimenting a lot in it, and often find new choices in there that I never would have considered (including extra grainy textures, color-toned canvases, or even the rare vignette).