Anyone use Capture One?

I am starting a YouTube channel with short videos that address specific questions and how-to’s. I am wondering if people would find it helpful for me to post links to the videos here. I don’t know how many people use Capture One for nature and wildlife images. This photo was taken with the Nikon Z7 and Nikkor Z 24-70/4S and processed in Capture One Pro 12.

Hi Walter, I have it for years but don’t use it. To much bloat/complexity however primarily I don’t like how their RAW Convertor renders Nikon’s colors, esp blue and red. Occasionally I’ll go back and check it out but it’s not ever going to be part of my std workflow…

I have the same kit that you have when you took your image above.

If you want to really learn about how the Z7/Z6 mirroless works vs DSLR’s then I highly recommend Thom Hogan’s recent release Ebook on Z7. He really opened my eyes to a lot of things going on with the Z7 mirrorless that people coming from Nikon D5,D850,(etc) have no clue about (I count myself in that group) … an example is how the Z7 matrix meter manages images of snow, completely improved from the DSLR environment.

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I do. The list of advantages over Adobe is quite long, and it includes (much) better raw processing, excellent noise handling, incredibly flexible color management, superb black and white conversion, superior capabilities for sharpening and detail management, great indexing capabilities with the ability to switch between catalogs and sessions, and a very easy to use, intuitive, simple and infinitely flexible user interface. The incorporation of luminosity masks in Version 12 is the icing on the cake. Every now and then I have to dig back into Lightroom to search for an old photo. It is like getting out of a BMW and climbing into a Kia.

I want to remind everyone to provide factual, complete responses. Saying “(much) butter raw processing” is an opinion, not a fact as can be verified on many sites that have done side by side comparisons. For some, Capture One may be a better answer, for others it may be LightRoom, and for others, some other software.

Of course the incorporation of luminosity masks in C1 V12 is a feature which is also in LR and is now more than 16 months old as well as masks based on color.

IF LR was indeed a Kia compared to a BMW, the photographic community would not use it. Clearly that is not true.

Again, let’s keep the discussion civil and provide facts, not hyperbole.

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It may also be that those who drive KIAs do so because they have never driven anything else. But my comparison was of course flawed. Whereas BMWs are significantly more expensive than KIA’s (for good reason), there is no significant price difference between their photographic personifications. Having extensively driven both, I will say only this: they are not even close.

Does it take some effort to un-learn Lightroom so as to get the best (including the desired colors) out of Capture One? Yes. But the level of detail that Capture One extracts from raw files, and that Lightroom misses, is apparent as soon as you open your first file. Any comparison between the two raw converters that misses this difference is either sloppy or biased.

Is the effort to switch worth it? Absolutely. For the record, I am not affiliated with Capture One, nor for that matter with any other commercial concern. I am strictly an amateur. My money goes into photography, not the other way around. This includes maintaining two separate ad-free websites, in neither of which I am trying to sell anything.

Should you switch? Only you can answer that question, but I will point out that Capture One has been around for more than a decade, since at least the mid 2000’s, as long as Lightroom if not longer. Any concern about it still being around many years from now is probably not justified. And with a thirty day free trial period of the complete functional package (no different from NPN, in fact), there is not much to lose.

I will now put down my keyboard for good, as far as this topic is concerned.

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Back on topic gentlemen. Anything not related to what the original poster asked will be deleted. If you want to have a friendly discussion about this please start a new topic.

@Walter_Rowe I just ran across this post. I am a Capture One user. I always enjoy finding others to chat with or post a processing question. I keep up with Paul Reiffer’s Facebook group for that generally.

Hi Karla! Yes, I also am in Paul’s Facebook group. I also run Capture One Technical Forum and moderate a few other FB groups on Capture One. It’s my all time favorite editor!

I used it to edit this picture from a week ago!

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@Walter_Rowe Sorry that I somehow missed this post. Work and life are hopefully slowing down and I’m hoping to dive back in more in all of this.

Thanks for sharing your image. Lovely.

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Another happy C1 user here. I switched from LR back when adobe ended the perppetual licences (and will abandon C1 should they decide to do the same). I found the raw importer to be superior to LR’s for my Lumix cameras, and once I learnt how things work in C1 I prefer the workflow. It’s main weakness is the database, it’s still not on par with what it was in LR6, but enough for my needs.