Approaching Storm

Well, the storm never actually happened but there was a bit of drama as this cloud rolled by. I liked the textures in the clouds and the play of light on the mountains.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any thoughts for improvement are appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


I really like this Tony. It looks like a wave breaking over a reef. There is all that implied force of the cloud on the mountain. Yeah, this is real good in my opinion.

A bit of drama is certainly an understatement! I love this one. I have become fascinated by clouds and have been shooting them with or without context just because it gives me such a thrill. This image is so dynamic the way it forms the “v” descending from the upper left. And all of those small clouds in the lower fight give the whole thing a sense vast scale. And, of course, this is the sort of image that is made for B&W. Ansel Adams would likely be pleased but, I think, also very jealous of the tremendous dynamic range that today’s cameras and digital processing can capture.

Wonderful! All said above! A breaking wave it is and the angle, receding toward the distant clouds, adds to the drama. I think coming to an end before the edge of the frame adds to the sense of scale. Wonderful tonalities. The gray curly-ques must indicate some tremendous turbulence.

Tony, this a great image! It has already been explained why, in addition I just want to high-light your excellent B&W rendering. Nothing to improve in this image.

Tony, you are channeling your inner Ansel in this one. Great look at the cloud formation with the mountains providing a nice anchor. No suggestions here, looks quite nice.

Love this one.
Nice drama and a very balanced composition.