Aroona Valley pano

Another from my recent excursion north to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, finally got some cloud.
I don’t tend to do many pano shots but here I’ve stitched 5 images together to come up with what I hope is an interesting frame.
Interested to hear any comments at all as I continue to re-engage with photography and new processing techniques.
Nikon D500
16-85mm lens @ 19mm
1/15th sec @ f/11

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Nice grand view with great depth. The break in the foreground foliage allows the viewer to clearly see the valley and mountain range in the distance. The red leaf/rock and tree on the left are “kissing” the edge. To make it look more intentional you could crop more out or, if you have the room in the original images, include the whole tree in the scene. Personally, I would like to see the cacti more prominent and wouldn’t miss the tree.

This is a grand view, indeed. It has interesting mix of vegetation and textures. I would like to see a little space between the far left tree and the left edge. You might also consider a crop from the right to eliminate the far right tree and the very bright area of the sky which catches my eye. I like the light, and you processing looks good to me eye.


A grand panoramic and landscape. I think you’ve done a great job with the composition. I especially like the layout and how as Patricia noted, there is space for the eye to wander back in the the valley, mountains and sky; The foreground plants and pines to the right are spaced nicely.

I’m not bothered by the trees on either side; there’s always a choice of how much to include and/or cut off and to me you clearly wanted to include them and you included enough to make it purposeful. If anything, you could burn down the sky on the far right as Preston mentions, but then again… that’s pretty close to the sun anyway… :wink:

My only nitpick really is that we don’t have a larger view to enjoy. You can post whatever size you want, but the recommendation is 1500px.

Well done on the processing and natural rendition of colors.


Thanks for your encouraging and thoughtful replies. I’ll certainly look at a crop from the right hand side and/or burning the sky, but don’t want to lose the yakkas (grass trees ) on the left, if I crop the left side tree out. Also the left hand side peak I think, is an important element.
The trees on both sides merge with more trees out of frame.
And Lon, I hadn’t noticed the increased allowable upload size, thanks for pointing that out.

(By the way, no cacti native to Australia. The plants on the left are yakkas or grass trees, which are very common here. These examples are xanthorrhoea quadrangulata .)