Art in the Winds

Critique Style Requested: In-depth

The photographer has shared comprehensive information about their intent and creative vision for this image. Please examine the details and offer feedback on how they can most effectively realize their vision.

Self Critique

I like turning the challenge of the wind into a picture. The water spouts at the base of the rainbow are the reason for the photo. I like the juxtaposition of the ethereal rainbow against the granite of the mountains. I am unsure about the cropping, which includes so much foreground.

Creative direction

Nature has unexpected gifts, even in the most difficult of circumstances. I don’t think that comes through with just the image. The backstory says it. I would like to know what you see and feel.

Specific Feedback

I would appreciate aesthetic, and emotional feedback. Technical thoughts are also welcome.

Technical Details

Taken with a Sony a7iv. ISO 100, f/11, 1/100 sec.
Processed in LR and PS using Topaz and the TK8 plug-in.


This picture was taken during a workshop in Patagonia. To appreciate the gale-force wind we were facing, you need to understand most of us did not dare to stand up. It was a sure way of having your tripod blown over. The wind was so fierce we had to sit down to be safe. Water spouts were being formed on the surface of the lake. It was the mist from these spouts that created the rainbow. Standing up and walking back to the van was the final challenge.

Lovely capture in Patagonia especially with that rainbow - i took the liberty of trying something different - not necesaarily “better” - let me know if you want to know what I did

BTW - the foreground - since I am not primarily a landscape photographer, what is there that is so attractive ?

Hi Barbara, what a beautiful scene! I would say that I definitely agree with your creative direction upon first looking at this image, even without reading the description. With the mist/cloud in the left side of the frame, it makes me feel as if the rainbow had briefly formed after some respite from bad weather- an unexpected gift from nature! This is a peaceful image to look at, and one that provides a good sense of time and natural events. The inclusion of the mist and rainbow in your composition help to provide a sense of changing weather and time. Great job at capturing this!
I would consider some slight dehazing or incrementing clarity around the borders of the image, as the mist seems to have created some haziness around the edges of the frame which is slightly distracting. Overall, this is a great image full of depth and emotion!

Thank you Keenan for your thoughtful reactions. I see what you mean about the dehazing around the edges of the picture. It is a good point and will help strengthen the composition. Thank you.

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I can’t tell what you did unless it was extending the color in the rainbow further to the upper left. Please enlighten me. @Karl_Zuzarte. You asked about the foreground. It was a matter of where to crop and I finally decided I needed to include some of the lake on the lower left of the picture. What would you suggest?

What a gorgeous image! This makes me feel that there is always a bright spot in every storm. The rainbow, with the storm around it, just screams of “hope” to me. I feel it is wonderfully composed, and the foreground is a good “anchor” in the whole scene. Beautiful work!

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@Judi_Hastings “…always a bright spot in every storm” and the idea of hope is what I wanted to convey. Thank you so very much for the comment

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You are so welcome!