Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants in the magical Sal forest.
Canon 5D 3; 70-200mm; ISO 400; 1/500 sec. at F 4.
Thank you so much for your kind comments & views!

Jagdeep Rajput

This is just lovely.

I am curious how quickly they were moving, as there’s obviously a fair amount of dust being kicked up. I assume you felt comfortable with your shutter speed (and therefore, your ISO) based on the action. The shot really came out great, but it’s nice to know you had some leeway to bump the ISO a little if needed, depending on their pace.


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Hi Max!
Thanks for your comment!
They were not very fast but there was lot of tension in the air and my vehicle was on the back gear.

A neat image. I like how all the elephants seemed to be looking at you. The light shining through the dust adds a very nice element to the photo. Great capture!

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The light, the dust and the elephants all heading towards you result in a fine image, good capture on your part. It does seem just a bit tight, but that is a minor item. Well done!

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Great shot, Jagdeep! The presence of the large version puts you right there, directly in front of all these elephants! The light on the dust and the elephants makes it especially nice and really creates a mood & temperature. They may be tight in the frame but it actually works just fine here because it’s definitely all about the elephants, especially when you’re that close.

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