Aspen afternoon

Image Description

When Iam out and about looking for compositions, I bring both cameras.
I have my Canon 90 D as my main camera and a Canon T6 set up with my 50 mm 1.8
When hiking I keep the 90 D in my pack until I find whatever catches my eye and clip the T6 on the shoulder strap for quick looks and snap shots.
I have been playing around with B&W for a couple months now to try and better my photography.
This is a handheld shot with my T6 along a trail near the house.

Type of Critique Requested

  • Aesthetic: Feedback on the overall visual appeal of the image, including its color, lighting, cropping, and composition.
  • Emotional: Feedback on the emotional impact and artistic value of the image.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

The two Aspen stood out to me as the area I was in was very busy, hard to find anything visually satisfying for me to shoot.

Technical Details

Canon T6, ISO 100 F2.5 .2500

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Mathieu, I too like to shoot some black and white. I think the birch trees are a good subject and the contrast with the black background makes them stand out. I wonder if a different angle so that the tree in the back is not in the image would improve it? I guess I am not sure it is adding anything. I also wonder if a lower angle to have more of the black background vs. the snow and shadows. I find black and white photography works best when the image is simplified. The contrast and texture of the trees is what catches my eye.

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Lisa, Thank you for taking the time.
I do think the tree in the background is distracting as well. I was looking to give a sense of depth with the snow and slope behind the Aspens.
I still have a lot learn, B&W photography is fun and challenging so far.
I think Iam getting addicted to it, LOL!
Thanks again,

Hi Mathieu,
Welcome to NPN! I am looking forward to see your work here and to see you grow :slight_smile:
I think your eye caught something here that was deserving of a capture.
For me, there’s too many competing elements in the frame. When I make images like this I’m trying to isolate my subject as much as I can unless the other elements in the frame are complimenting the trees. Here - they pull my eye away from what you noticed. This is why forest / tree photography is so dang hard! =)
I wonder if you would have gotten a little closer to the two trees if it would have given you the ability to remove the tree in the back and the competing branches lower right? The snow is also a little distracting given its tonal variation. Tough scene to photograph!

Hi Mathieu,
This is a great subject for B&W! Forest scenes are tough to photograph as they can be quite busy and chaotic which @Lisa_Flanagan and @Matt_Payne already touched on. I do like the vertical pano format as it helps to emphasize the two birch trees. I noticed yo mentioned that this was close to home. I think this scene is well worth going back and trying to fine tune it a little. B&W is a lot of fun so keep plugging away with it.

Matt, Thank You for taking a look.
I am happy I joined NPN, I have been showing my pictures to friends and family and get good comments and likes. I posted this because although I like this shot something was a bit off and I did not notice until after I pulled it up on screen at home. I like the critique here from You and other photographers it’s been opening my eyes up more and more. Iam going to take Ed Lowe suggestion and take a walk this week and see if I can get a better composition of this.

Thanks for your critique it has been benefit for sure.
I also enjoyed episode 308, keep up the good work !

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Ed Lowe, Thanks
I am going to go back this week and see if I can get it a bit more refined, as you suggested.
You and the others here have been fantastic on NPN so glad I joined.
B&W is fun but a bit challenging. I am having fun though!

Right on - looking forward to seeing the new comp!


I really like what you’ve framed here - excellent vision. Also, a great choice and subject to go b&w.

The pair of aspens show off really well - and interestingly enough, show well in front of both the white snow AND the black background.

I really like the tall framing here. Appropriate of course for tall subjects… :slight_smile:

Sure, I think if you can work this scene again you can attempt to find cleaner surroundings by changing angles perhaps. Would be nice to elminate the errant twigs at the lower right, LRC; but not an image killer either. Even finding a cleaner background, still leaves the smaller branches attached to the aspens themselves. But I think for sure those are inherit to the scene so really it’s just about the cleaner background. And to that, maybe even a very slight crop up top to eliminate some of those small distractions in the upper right?

Bottom line, I think you have an excellent image and the aspens are showcased beautifully.


Excellent subject for a BW.

I agree with this; it works well for both. Love the thoughts above, especially if you could find a view with those nice shadows and the aspens without the twigs.