Aspen Stand + Repost

This stand of aspen was right near my campsite one evening in Idaho. I probably would have left a little more room at the top, but then the sky would have intruded (hazy, lousy blue).

D810, 70-200mm

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions or critiques are always welcome.

Thanks for some great comments and ideas. Here is a repost with some changes.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Harley, I really like this composition. It is simple and clean, and the modest colors really work well on the open landscape. The only thing I might look at is cropping out the naked tree on the far right, it seemed to grab my attention more than it should have, maybe that’s just me.


I too really like the comp, especially just how all the elements are arranged. It’s quite amazing actually how “clean” the edges are and that everything seems to fit perfectly in the frame. The snags on the right don’t bother me as you’ve got just enough space between them and the edge.

The only technical nitpick I might have would be the darkness of the pines and some lack of detail in some of them; mostly the tight cluster of trees up top. No biggie.

I do almost wish for a wider view to emphasize this arrangement of pines and aspens - but then I’m guessing outside the frame here wouldn’t give us that expansive look.

As you’ve presented, this looks great.


Sweet scene, Harley. Wonderful lines and layering adding a lot of depth. Composition and processing looks good - very natural. Only thought might be to experiment with the hue in those aspens and bring them more toward yellow. If your so inclined, should be pretty easy to accomplish and retain this clean, natural look.

This is a really nice scene, Harley. I love the shapes of the hills and the alternating bands of color and light.

You might consider using your 15% cloning technique to put a little detail in the deep shadows of the conifers.

The color of the aspens looks fine to me, and the snags don’t bother me at all.

Nicely done!

I have to admit that this one isn’t doing much for me, Harley. Trees equally spaced all around in the frame. It just lacks something - tension, energy, imagination. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Harley, I saw this one the other day and could not stop to comment. After further review I would have a hard time coming up with any changes here beyond the darker trees. But even that does not bother me other then we always try to tweak to the best level possible and that seems to an item for review from previous comments. In the end I’m glad I took a deeper look see…it works very nicely for me…:sunglasses:

Hi Harley,

What a great seen to wake up to in the morning. I could really see myself standing in this seen with a warm cup of coffee in hand. I feel like a little more room at the top and a little tighter crop on the right size might look nice. The image feels a little flat to me. Perhaps some dodging and burning to increase the definition of the curves in the landscape. Maybe a little more color contrast between the straw colored grass and the bluish shublike plants.