The Stand

I photographed this grouping of aspens a year ago in a portrait orientation with a midrange zoom but after opening the file on my computer I was not happy with the composition. I had failed to see in the field what was now obviously a better composition on my monitor. I made a mental note of this spot and last month I returned and re-shot the trees in landscape orientation with a longer lens. Comments/suggestions appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Really nice scene, Dave. Minor, but I might add a little room at the bottom, feels a bit tight. Processing looks spot on. Looks real sweet!

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Not unlike Kathy’s image preceding yours, I really like the tight framing. While I can’t argue against Harley… I like the framing as presented. Love the scene and image and kudos to you for returning to rework the scene - it’s a beauty.

Only feedback is that to me I think this could use a drop in luminosity (1/3 - 1/2 stop) Or actually maybe just a selective slight burn of the lower central area of the image; mainly the trunks and area where the grasses are? Very minor though.


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I think this is excellent, Dave, and so different from the grand landscapes we normally see from you. In my humble opinion Charlotte Gibbs shoots these trees about as well as anyone these days and part of her appeal is the high exposure she uses. It’s a style to express how she feels about them. This image is like that. This is so much richer than the usual aspen comp. There are the boulders on the left and the dead stump on the right. There are greens, pinks, and that really neat colored growth on those rocks. There’s a lot to explore here. I would not add any contrast or saturation to soup it up. It’s just perfect as is.

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Gorgeous group of trees, Dave…good on ya for going back. I like the exposure as is, well done.

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Gorgeous processing. Works for me.

This is flat out gorgeous, Dave. I really like the color palette in this autumn scene and the horizontal format works beautifully with the vertical lines of the aspen tree trunks. I do not know what the other image looked like, but I am glad you were able to do a redo as this deserves to be printed and hanging on a wall.

Dave, I really like the composition that you chose here. There is a nice rhythm in the spacing of the trees and the autumn color looks beautiful. The rocks also add interest to the scene. Nicely done!

I wish I had a dollar for each time I did the same thing, and wished that I could back and re-shoot, when I was thousands of miles away. Sometimes you can fix it at the expense of some pixels. sometimes it is hopeless. You did a great job with one!