Here’s one more from my trip to the Eastern Sierra a few weeks ago. Not the most picturesque of aspens, but this little family was kinda off on it’s own and I liked the scraggly look to these ones. I’m also attracted to just the variety of color and vegetation captured here. You can just barely see Rush Creek on the right side of the frame that is lined with pine

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing suggestions as always

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Really curious if this holds any interest to the viewers since it really lacks any spectacular element.

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D800E, Nikon 28-300mm @44mm. 4-image focus stack at f/11

Thanks for any comments, critiques or suggestions!


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like this a lot, Lon. The colors are nicely understated and the boles present a strong comp. I might toy with a crop off the bottom, maybe a quarter of the grassy area? I find that stops me a bit on my way into the image and the crop gives the trees more emphasis to my eye. Not a biggie either way, though. Works for me.

Nicely seen arrangement, Lon. Agree with Harley that the delicate tones and understated colors are beautiful. Processing looks spot-on. Fine as presented but if it were mine I’d experiment with taking a bit off the bottom and a bit off the right side. Perhaps you tried already but a subtle crop might tighten up the composition further.

I tend to like Dave’s idea to crop a bit off rhs, just because the tree on the left is leaning that direction. And it would be interesting to see a little more room on the left as well.

Lon,I really enjoy twisty Aspen trunks like the two in the middle, here. I also enjoy the colors in the grasses and sage. I’m seeing the grasses as a bit brighter than the trees. I wonder how some subtle burning-in of the grasses and dodging of the aspen trunks would look.

Oh yeah. This is my kind of image. This has vision and speaks to me. I like the fact that the background trees haven’t been darkened to make the foliage stand out. And I like the slightly chaotic grass and below the trunks. The 5 ‘Muses’ belong together like a quartet in a ballet. I’m thinking Swan Lake although some might consider it far fetched. This is the sort of image that will go unnoticed in social media. As far as improving it - I don’t know. You could burn the grasses in a bit. You don’t want to overprocess this. One of it’s attractions is it’s honesty. It doesn’t have that polished look.

I like this Lon, but I wonder what this would look with a much shallower DOF.
Not the usual way to shoot, but instead of stacking focus, a much softer and OOF background might look nice the next time you visit a similar scene.

Lon, I would agree with the crop suggestions. I really like the trees and the softer contrast. The processing looks great to me. There’s a nice triangle formed by the yellow grass that leads my eye to the trees, so, if you crop from the bottom, keep it slight.

Lon, the shapes of those trees are wonderful, I like how you cropped tight on the leaves to emphasize the interesting shapes of the trunks. The cooler color palette works great here, and creates an interesting mood. I would crop a little from the bottom and right side as well. The shapes of the trees are so interesting that I would really enjoy seeing a B&W interpretation of this scene as well.