Atlantic Dawn

This was taken at Herring Point on the same morning as my last couple of posts. After shooting several exposures of the water swirling around the rocks I decided to move to the right a little and try to capture some images of the water receding from the beach while trying to catch an incoming wave in the same frame. By this time the sun was starting to peak through the clouds. This was the image that best captured what I was trying to achieve.

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What technical feedback would you like if any?

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

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Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 32mm, f 16 @ 0.5 sec, ISO 100, cable release & tripod

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Everything above the wave is first rate Ed. But below the wave the foam looks a bit florescent. There are microorganisms that make it look that way but they’re usually more visible in the dark. I would desaturate the blues. Strangely enough the water looked pretty natural when I change the blue cast towards magenta. But you may not agree. It still needs something but I’m not sure what. I think it’s because the highlights above the wave have sunlight and below it’s flat.

PS. I like that cloud on the left. In fact, the sky is fabulous.

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Fabulous sky Ed! I agree with Igor on removing the blue cast in the water.

A gorgeous seascape Ed, the light and color is just so wonderful, it’s a very luminous image. The clouds in the sky add a wonderful glow to the scene. The way the sky adds color to the water is just so pleasing. Here is another vote in favor of @Igor_Doncov rework removing the blue cast in the surf. Good choice on the shutter speed too.

My only suggestion is that in the upper left quadrant, there are a couple dust bunnies you should clone away.

I’m enjoying your coastal sunrises that you’ve been posting lately Ed.

I also like Igor’s adjustments. There’s also another image in this frame. A pano of the sky and water at the top of the frame.

Cool sky and action combo, along with the warm/cool tones. Put me down for the original post rather than Igor’s version. I might back off the blues a little bit, but like blue there.

This is a beauty Ed! I especially like the warm / cool color contrast throughout. The lines in the foreground pull my eye into the scene. I’m not quite sure about the wave along the center of the frame though. My eye kind of gets stuck there a little. I’m not sure what you could have done differently though. This is still beautifully captured!