Australian Jacana

Fog Dam, near Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia
2018:09:02 17:05:46
250-550mm @ 550mm
1/1600 sec, f/8
Mode: Av
Metering: Spot
Exp comp: +1/3
ISO: 1250
AF mode: AF-C
White balance: NATURAL AUTO

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Wow, he kind of reminds me of a chicken, except for his long legs. Great capture of him, Sandy. I have never seen one before, so appreciate you sharing it with us.

Hard to tell perspective, but these little guys are about 8 inches tall… each toe is longer than that.

Great running shot of this beauty, Sandy. I particularly like the water on the raised foot. We saw some of these when we were there, but they were consistently running away from me.

The image seems a bit oversharpened and contrasty to my eye-I think I’d back off a bit.

I like the lifted leg and the slight blur in the toes, giving a further sense of motion.