Australian Figbird

Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia
2018:09:12 14:53:39
Nikon D850
18-200mm @ 130mm
1/80 sec, f/8
Mode: Av
Metering: Multi-segment
Exp comp: -1 1/3
ISO: 640
AF mode: AF-C
White balance: NATURAL AUTO
Flash: Optional,TTL

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A very cool bird, Sandy, and I love the pose. The larger image seems a bit small-was that purposeful? You might want to play with slipping some of the medium green background behind the beak to increase the contrast there.

Yes, It’s smaller than I’ve been posting in the past. - I’m not comfortable posting larger images if people can download at the full size they are posted, especially if some are only trial members. IMO, 900 on the long side is plenty large to show up well, with our greatly-improved resolution here.

Looks as if you had some nice light. I like the pose and the way the foliage frames the bird. I agree with Dennis that the beak area blends in a bit with the background.