Autumn amongst the Aspens

One of my very early attempts at ICM - the idea being to have some definition to the leaves, yet portray it as art.

Specific Feedback Requested

This is again highly subjective, but would like to see different takes on this - more blur, less contrast, zoom in perhaps ?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
0.4 secs, vertical swipe, ISO 72, F18

Hi Karl, I really like it as is. I think there’s plenty of definition to show what the subject is, while giving it a dreamy feel. Good work, sir.

Thank you @David_Bostock for your kind observations!

I do like the colors. The variety makes the image more interesting. I’m not sure, though, that ICM creates “art” here. I think this could also look like art w/o the movement.

Thank you @Tony_Kuyper - Lets just say that I slowed down the movement as I came down to improve on the definition of the leaves rather than leave them as colors alone