Autumn swamp

Autumn eyes of the swamp. The picture is among the top ten nominated for Finnish nature picture of the year in the landscape series

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Mavic 2 pro + Nisi Landscape polarizer


Wow! What a shot Jorma! Spooky. The bright orange and yellow tones have such a great contrast with those dark blue eyes. The only thing I would do is tone town the brightness and saturation of the trees in the BRC and maybe a small bit in the TRC. Great comp.

Congratulations on the nomination, Jorma. This is a stunning image. Well seen and well done.

Thanks a lot guys! The picture is a little bit light, like every time I post here. Those terms brc and trc are very strange to me. Could I have some clarification :slight_smile:

Great shot Jorma! Congratulations on the nomination!

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Gorgeous! And rather surreal. It’s like the sky has retreated into the earth. Very cool. Congratulations on your nomination.

Bottom right corner and top right corner.

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A gorgeous scene with wonderful detail!! The cloud reflections are perfect and the colors so beautiful!! Congratulations on the award!

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Phenomenal imagery Jorma! And congrats on the nomination!

Hard to be critical with such an image, but I would wonder about the sky’s reflection. It seems unnaturally dark. It’s either the way the optics/physics turns out, or you processed for this effect. Not a big deal and certainly the presented results are striking. Just unsure if a more natural, less dark sky reflection would work. Not saying it would be better - probably not. Just thought I would mention.

Incredible image no matter what.


Thanks guys for the nice feedback! Lon, I have photographed these swamp ponds quite a lot and they are like black bottomless graves. The water is almost the color of coffee and the peat at the bottom is almost black. In the olden days, people were afraid, and according to folk beliefs, ponds were inhabited by goblins or marsh devils. If falls into the pond, she will never be found again
I would say that if you get a different color from such a pond, it is a bad distortion :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jorma for the explanation - and especially the back story! Fascinating!

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Honestly, it’s images like these that really make me want to get a drone. I love, love this image. I love the warm oranges surrounding the cool blue water. I love the reflected clouds in the water and I love the framing with the trees around the edges. The soft but directional light really suits this as well.

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Thanks for the nice feedback Tom. I often fly on that little swamp. This morning around sunrise there was a slight frost and the marsh was almost white with frost. I exposed about 700 frames and got some pretty nice pictures. I usually shoot an hdr exposure of five pictures, so I got a lot of frames this way. I also make a lot of two-line panoramas, so I can cover a large area and the images become better quality when several frames are used in them
Drone photography is fun when you do it a little differently than others