Swamp detail

This morning when the frost had already evaporated a little as the sun warmed the swamp

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Five exposed hdr + Nisi Landscape polarizer


Jorma, your drone landscapes are incredible!!! It is so amazing to see the patterns you find in vegetation and water, and with so much detail. This one has a beautiful visual flow with the vegetation’s pattern following the curve of land, and the water is so rich and pure.

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Jorma, fantastic aerial image with some graphic qualities. The dark blue in the water works well against the earthy tones of the land. Nicely done!

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Another wonderful aerial abstract! Those orange trees/plants serve well as a place for the eyes to rest while exploring the rest of the scene. As mentioned, the details are amazing at such a distance!

This isn’t really critical per se, but an observation. And a biased one at that. What I mean is that because of previous posts, I know in my mind the blue is sky and the reflection on the left are clouds. It’s clear - and because of that, this is less abstract for me because I know what it is. Had the water on the left NOT had any reflected clouds, this would be a big mind bender for me - not knowing what this was a photograph of (wait, never end a sentence with a preposition!) Anyway, not sure if I’m making sense. But this is a common thing here on NPN - where members become familiar with other’s work, understand more what images are and how they were crafted - and so I think the critiques are more geared towards that knowledge - as opposed to let’s say viewing a gallery of images you have no prior knowledge about. But I ramble…

Beautiful work!


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Thanks guys for the great comments! It’s nice that when you’re in the mood for photography, you can find new perspectives in “old, almost worn out” places. Besides, I found a new angle in this picture and I have to go shoot it in the morning.
This project is moving like a train, In a year, the exhibition should be on the wall