Autumn trees and flurries of snow

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all feed back is welcome! What do you all think of the composition? I’d like to know your thoughts on the top right corner… that dark space is a bit of an eye sore to me. Also how did I do on making the colors pop?

Any pertinent technical details:

200mm f/32 0.4sec

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I really like the dreamy feel to this image. Nice to see the colors. Our area is kind of dull this year.

I like this image and the idea overall, @Stefanie_Goo. I tried something like this last year and I needed to use a much faster shutter speed to make the snow looks snow and not rain. Did you take an image with a faster shutter speed?
I guess you used f32 to get exactly a slower shutter speed but it seems that this had slightly worsen the sharpness of the image.
A bit of saturation and contrast and the colors will be great.
Attached an example if you don’t mind.

I like the comp, and Mattia’s adjustments look to be an improvement, to my eye. I do like the dreamyier feel of the original one though. Maybe a happy medium… Not sure why f32 would have been necessary, where a CPL could have extended the shutter speed, but I wasn’t there.

Thanks Ed! Autumn is just beginning to rear it’s head here in New Mexico.

I did not take the image with a faster shutter speed! I really wish I did. I used f32 so that I could do a longer shutter speed to get the hazy dreamy feel. Thank you for the suggestions and example!

Thanks Wade! I did f32 to be able to do a long shutter speed. I wanted to blur the snow flurries and capture the hazy look.

Love the moodiness, here. The darker area in the lower left corner tends to grab my eye. You might consider a crop from the left to just right of the pine.

I like both versions, but agree that something in between the two in terms of contrast would look nice, as well.

Thank you Preston! I appreciate the feedback!


This is quite wonderful. I happen to like the composition as I think it’s balanced quite nicely between the few evergreens and the wide mix of colors and progression of the aspen. The dark corners don’t bother me; the haze/atmosphere created by the snow flurries really mutes those areas anyway - at least to the point where I don’t find them distracting. So I really like what you’ve composed here, especially filling the frame.

Processing and color wise, we’re in to the subjective space and there’s really no right or wrong here. I think your original is slightly flat in terms of color and contrast, but I think Mattia’s version goes too far. Too much color/contrast and you start to lose the great atmosphere and the snow conditions you captured so nicely.

Not sure how much difference there will be when I post my edits. I often use a technique of using the LAB color space to punch up an image. It’s a little bit involved to go in to here, but you can see at least one version of the technique here.

I like your image quite a lot.

Thanks so much Lon!
The only corner that bothered me was the top right… it’s just a bit empty compared to the rest of the photo. The snow flurries were coming down pretty heavy when I took this and from what I could see - this was the most balanced composition I could find. As far as contrast - I prefer a softer look to this scene. I’m just having a hard time balancing the colors and haze. Thank you for your in depth comment! I appreciate it!