Autumn-Winter Battle

As probably most of you, I really like when elements of different seasons mix up in a unique combination of colors and shapes. I took this yesterday on a little lake after an early snowfall. It really seems that winter is trying to conquer Autumn.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

What about the overall message of the image? I decided to include the snow in the upper part to give the idea that Autumn is under attack. What do you think of the composition?
Any comments or suggestions is very much appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details:

Sony a7 with Zuiko 28mm f11 tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I really like this. It is very intriguing. I did a scroll crop and like the inclusion of the top snow. It kind of provides a nice frame. Very creative and mysterious.

Very cool looking abstract you captured here, Mattia. I think your choice to include the snow at the top acts to help frame the image and I love the tree shape in the ice with the autumn leaves showing through. I agree with your thinking that autumn is under attack as this shows the changing of the seasons beautifully.

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This is a really interesting abstract! I’m seeing a lot of different things in the “inkblot” in the middle: a dormant tree in winter time, an Elk rack, or maybe an aerial view of cataracts in a canyon. Either way, it’s interesting and obviously captures my imagination. Beyond that the texture and color also add interest and it definitely conveys the seasonal transitions that you mentioned.

Wonderful abstract image, Mattia. You absolutely need to have the snow at the top to make this work. The crack in the ice has a shape that looks like a tree, with leave beneath that have fallen. Really interesting bit of seeing here on your part…

I’m a big fan of this image as well. It’s one of those images with symbolic values, although I can’t come up with anything at the moment. Something that hasn’t been mentioned is the edges of the snow line. It’s ragged with a dusting sprinkled on to the ice. That’s true both above and below. I find that attractive. I also like the amount of snow you allocated this image vs the rest of it. Cropping any of it diminishes the image.

My only nit is that diagonal yellow ‘stain’ in the upper right area. It’s distracting. I would fill it with content aware or clone it in. It doesn’t distract like a bright area but it doesn’t ‘belong’ somehow.

Mattia, this is really interesting. I love the tree-shaped crack in the ice, as well as the combination of the seasons. As Igor said, I find that yellow streak to not fit the rest of the image. Also, I would like to see a little more space at the bottom so that the snow line doesn’t touch the edge of the frame.


Oh my, this is fantastic! Interesting that the smaller post looks more abstract because to me it really looks like there are branches frozen in the ice - until you realize that it’s simply the crack in the ice revealing to rock below. Very cool. The framing of the snow works wonderfully too.

Great find and natural abstract.