Autumnal fog

Hey all, I took this image last year during a trip to the Adirondacks. I originally intended on shooting wide, however the conditions catered to telephoto images. I really enjoyed photographing the fog as it rolled in.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all, especially pertaining to composition and saturation.

Technical Details

F 7.1
ISO 100


I really like this image and it’s great to see shots of the adk on here.

Hey Mark, I appreciate your feedback. When I first processed this image I was concerned that it was too saturated. I still go back on forth on this matter but the foliage was truly remarkable- it was unlike anything I’ve seen (coming from Long Island). I took this last year during my first visit to the ADKs and now I plan on making it a yearly trip during the fall. It is truly a beautiful region.

Hi Scott, welcome to NPN. I am sure you’ll get a lot out of our community and I look forward to seeing more of your work and contributions here.

This is a terrific scene. Love the fog and the saturation looks fine to me. Well done.

I love the mix of textures, colors and warm and cool tones here! Beautifully done!

I like the overall mood of the image as well as the contrast between the colorful autumn trees and the mist and river. The diagonal line of the shoreline also works in the composition. Your composition lends itself to a yin-yang type composition.

Welcome Scott! Wonderful color here. I think your saturation looks good. It’s true that the reds are flaming, but you’ve done a great job of keeping detail there, and the other colors look just fine (realistic greens, etc.). I wouldn’t mind if there were more of the wonderful trees at the top (if there were any more there to include).

Hey David, thank you. I’ve been considering joining for a while so I’m happy to be a part of this great community. I appreciate the feedback as this is an image that I’ve gone back on fourth on quite a bit.

Hi Martha, thank you! I really appreciate the feedback.

Hey Brian, thank you for the feedback. I took a bunch of photos of this scene, some with and some without the fog. I believe that the fog definitely adds another element of atmosphere to the image that I rather like. As far as the composition, I was uncertain if the image was balanced or not. I had originally thought I included too much of the lake and not enough of the colorful foliage.

Hey John, thank you for the welcome! My biggest fear when processing is over editing an image. I really tried to control the saturation in post and even turn it down a bit. I do believe that I have some images that include more of the trees. I will take a look. I appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

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Beautiful photo, Scott! I love the Adirondacks! I used to live there in Saranac Lake and miss it so much. Such a beautiful capture of the fog and colors, I love it when people are able to discover that region and I’m glad you’ll get to go back!

Thank you Vanessa! I fell in love with the ADKs after my first visit. I plan on making many more trips up there!

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Next year, be sure to hit giant’s nubble for sunrise. Yeah, there will likely be a line of tripods but it’s for good reason.

I had this one my list of hikes to do but decided to do Mt Jo instead. Next year I will definitely check it off the list!