Baby Water Monitor

Surprised when spotting the baby water monitor sitting on a perch which is 12-15 feet height from the water level. I was wondering how the baby monitor would have climbed as I have seen this 1st time.

Specific Feedback Requested

I will be grateful to get feed how I could further improve

Technical Details

Taken with Canon 7 D Mark II with Canon 100-400 mm lens, aperture = 5.6, shutter speed = 1/160, ISO = 100, focal length 400 mm. Minor adjustment done on lighting using PS

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I appreciate that you had to work hard to even get this image. Sometimes our subjects are aware that they were not created just to give us the pleasure of making photos. They sit in places where foliage intervenes, especially small birds! I feel that the intrusion of the flora on the left is unavoidable for this reason and your choice of aperture has rendered it nicely out of focus anyway. It also adds to the depth on the image. It is sharp, nicely exposed, technically fine. I have the feeling that a leap may be imminent from the pose. You have given space on the right to leap into should that happen. I feel pleased at seeing something beautiful like the creature and its setting. Well done.

Hi Thiraviyam !
Your subject is sitting pretty on the top.
You may compose it slightly tight, so that bright spot on top right is cropped out and you may crop a touch at the bottom too or you may clone out the bright spot.
Do check if it needs some rotation correction.

Hi Kerry thank you so much for your feedback and it really motivates me. In this case, I focused the object through a bamboo tree to get some nice feeling and hope that worked well. I captured the water monitor without that and will post soon.

Hi Rajput thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions. I thought of cropping and then decided not to do so as the rear leg of water monitor is partly visible on the left side down corner. I will try your suggestions.

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