Band Tailed Pigeon

An electrifying alternate view of the whole bird.

I’ve had a lot of Mourning Doves in my neighborhood for years but I have never seen a Band Tailed Pigeon until today. Although they spent most of their time on the electrical wires from my house, I was able to coax one up into the top of one of my cedar trees. This is the largest member of the pigeon family in North America. Pigeons may not be exciting but these are certainly rare in my neighborhood.]

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I think Band Tailed Pigeons and Mourning Doves are great subjects for photographing. Great pose on this one David.

Nice poses in good light. I love the BG in the second one!

We’ve have a large herd of them in our area for the last several years but I’ve rarely seen them pose. Maybe they’re moving north. They gobble up acorns as they fall and should be showing up soon.

Very nice Band-tailed images. I especially like the the full view on the wire. I never seen them in any neighborhoods or homeowner associations in So Cal , but it is a treat to find them in the Cleveland National Forest usually among the old Live Oaks.

Both images are excellent, David. We get a flock of 50-100 coming to the feeders (actually they usually forage on the spilled seed) in the spring. While they’re lovely birds, they don’t seem to know their own weight and they break a lot of small branches. They seem to split up and disperse in mid to late June and we only see a few after that.

I like both images they are totally different but the Background in both is excellent.
We don’t have them here .This is the first time for me to see one.

Hi David
We have Mourning Doves, no Band Tailed Pigeons. Both photos have good color framing a background. Thank you for this treat.