Bar-headed Goose taking off

I happened to lift my camera after a full year, post covid and I’m thrilled with the results of Canon R 5. I loved AF and the insane amount of detail in the images.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS R5; 500mm IS II; 1.4X III.
ISO 2000; 1/2500 sec. at F 5.6


Gorgeous, Jagdeep. I agree, the detail in the feathers, water and ripples are amazing. The lighting is spot on. Such a joy to look at again and again. Very nicely done.

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You had some pretty nice light…nice angle in the frame also.

I agree. You did have some nice light. I like the way the bird is coming diagonally toward you and really nice wing position. A nice setting also. I have the same R5 set up and am just going through a freeze up issue now. I will mention in the Discussions.

Hi Jagdeep
As all ways you bring outstanding images of birds to Nature Photographers, for people like me to see for the first time, thank you. The Bar-here Goose take off and light kick of the water, tell a story and provide great color and detail to this photograph. Nice work.

Incredibly gorgeous light!! All said above – a wonderful image!

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Gorgeous light, Jagdeep and your usual perfect techs. I love the crispness of the splashes. To top it off, it actually came toward you!

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Hi Jagdeep, I agree with all the positive statements above. Terrific image! Love the light, angle, water, and action. Well done!

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My thoughts appear to be the same as the others: great light and detail and neat splashes.

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