Barheaded Goose

Barheaded Goose looking for some fresh grass.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5; 500mm; 1.4X; ISO 500; 1/3250 sec. at F 7.1

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Excellent choice for the depth of field, Jagdeep. I like how the sunlit leg is still very sharp. You also had nice light and a very good head turn. Well done.

Good light, gives the background a nice glow. Nice pose with the head turn and bit of grass in its mouth.

I like the pose very much. You get a good job on depth of field and the background is superb. Excellent job on the color.

All said above. Wonderful light and detail! He looks comfortable with your presence.

Really good job on the pose getting the bit of head turn to square up with camera. And well done on the exposure which would have been a very bright day around here.