Bark Abstract

I believe this is a sycamore. I liked the patterns and colors and played around with it a bit to increase contrast and bring out some of the color. It’s been sitting around in my "NPN pending " folder for quite some time and I thought about it when I saw this week’s challenge. The photo was taken in Arizona several years ago. Too lazy to hunt up the specs.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any


David, it looks like a Sycamore to me as well. They so often have bark that reminds me of a puzzle. This view captures that feeling very well. The bit of graffiti in the upper right is a fun find.

Excellent color palette. The textures and forms in this image are really nice to look at. Good job on the exposure.

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I really like this, it’s a very beautiful nature abstract.

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A great abstract and I like your frame (and signature!). It could look interesting in Landscape format too.

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