The bark on my fig tree in my yard. A close-up.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

I can only find the JPEG and there is no information on this but I think I took it with my D500 and a 105 mm macro. Minimal processing.

Love the texture here, David.

Great textures and patterns David. I like the wide aspect ratio. I wonder what it would look like if you cropped off some of the top and right sides.

This is nicely seen and photographed David! The image has some beautiful texture and patterns. I agree with Andre. Maybe a tighter crop on the patterns to the left of and bottom of center would create more impact.

David, the textures in this bark are both nicely subtle and outstanding. If you do some burning-in of the darkest tones in the upper right quarter, I think you add to the balance, since contrast is one of the aspects of abstracts that catches our eyes.


Wonderful textures, patterns and subtle colors as well.

I could see cropping a little off the top and right as Andre suggested. For sure I would want to crop in to either of the darker shapes.