This is a bark pattern I found in the root system of a tree in Eno River State Park. I always seem to find eyes in the trees as though they are watching me.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any. I feel maybe I am cropped a bit tight on the left side, but welcome any thoughts.

Technical Details

Canon EOS R
1.6 Sec @ f16
ISO 100, 131 MM

Edited in lightroom

Some dodging and burning
Color balance shifts in the highlights to bring out some of the colors.


I love the colors in this abstract. The designs are very interesting. I wouldn’t know it was bark unless you told me because of the blues. If you have some extra room on the left, I think that would help extend the design in the middle and not cut it off so abruptly. Very nice image.

The colors, patterns and texture are just great in this little scene. I like that you have an even light letting the viewer to explore every part of the image,

Todd, fascinating abstract image with some great patterns. Awesome work! I didn’t even realize this was bark. I thought it was rock or an aerial image. I like the warm/cool colors in your image especially the warmer tones in the main patterns in the center. I’m ok with the crop as is. Only minor area to clean up would be the dark spot on lower left edge.

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Wonderful natural abstract. I’m with Alfredo in that it’s not directly obvious this is bark. In fact, and oddly, the clue that makes me think this is a tree is that it appears that the surface is “curved” or round, like a tree trunk. I know that’s just an optical illusion because this isn’t a 3-dimensional thing, it’s a flat picture - but still it appears like the rounded surface of a tree trunk.

Anyway… great colors, patterns and a great eye to spot this. Well done.


I love this image! Wonderful colors and textures you have here!

If you want the main item to come across as an eye, then perhaps you could crop less on the left. As it is, and because the left-most portion of the outer area of the “eye” is burned a bit, it doesn’t feel too bad as is. I just don’t necessarily see it as an eye.

Love the colors and textures. Yes, probably cropped a bit tight on left.

I have a similar photo to this one I took recently. This is beautiful.