Tree bark close up

I went on a hike through the bosque today to photograph leaves but ended up shooting tree bark for 2 hours!

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all feed back is welcome! I’d like thoughts on the over all balance and composition of it.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Nice abstract. It’s obviously a high altitude shot of mountain ranges with intervening green valleys. :smile:

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I can see why you spent two hours here, the pattern in this image is pretty fascinating. I like the arrangement of the pattern created by your composition, nicely seen.

Like Bill P I see valleys which is the beauty of photos like this; you can lose yourself in the fractal ambiguity. I like taking them too, but my friends just look at me weirdly when I show them: “its bark Col, have another drink” :slight_smile: unless they are artists or photographers. Love it.

Excellent abstract shot, Stephanie. I agree, it looks like we are looking down on mountains and valleys. Well seen and captured.

Thank you! @Bill_Pelzmann @Ed_McGuirk @Colin_Jenkins @Shirley_Freeman, I appreciate the feed back from you all!

A very cool abstract, Stefanie, with excellent depth of field which adds to that ambiguity others have discussed. The moss really makes the image in my opinion.

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This is a great abstract view, Stephanie. The aerial view sense is very strong. I like how you’ve got the bark at a slight angle.