I took this photo while visiting Cades Cove, I made in sepia tone

ISO 1600

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

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Hi Robert. Cool looking corral/building and the sepia works well with it. But given the abundance of 'the hand of man", I am moving it to non-nature.

A very cool old Barn, Robert. I like all those leading lines, though I’m a bit ambivalent about that diagonal beam, though I know why it’s there structurally. The building in the rear really looks neat as well-did you photograph it?

Thanks, Robert. I’m impressed by the beautiful and extremely functional design of it.


I really like this. The sepia toning works well. I think it may have lowered the contrast values, but I think appropriate for this scene.

Compositionally, the front fence and diagonal might conventionally be thought of as “blocking” the scene, preventing the viewer from entering the scene. But I don’t think that’s the case here as this front gate, or whatever it is, adds to the nuances of construction, time period, etc. The view to the very interesting back building tops this off.

Totally having nothing to do with your image… but for me the lime green signature draws my eye like it’s a weed or branch sticking in the corner. I’d make it white or similar sepia tone… How’s that for nitpicky?


The sepia, for me, gives the feeling of a barn. The conversion was a good idea. I also like the composition here as well.