I was hoping for a blazing red sunset on site in Montana but didn’t get it. I converted this Sepia and kinda liked the effect. Would love any feedback both positive and recommendations. Thanks!

Specific Feedback Requested

Is there enough “composition” here to make this an interesting image? What do think of the Sepia effect?

Technical Details

38mm, 1/160s, f11, ISO 100


Hey Scott, this has some sensational light on the subject. I like the Sepia tone, but could also see it in B&W…mainly because I just like B&W…I think the comp works, but would also consider cropping down to the bottom of the contrail. It sort of takes away from the classic nature of the image. You could crop and still leave plenty of room for the the structure to breathe at the top.

It’s just my personal opinion of course, but that crop would make this a terrific large print.

Awesome image, sir.

Thanks David! Took your suggestion and converted to BW but I still like the Sepia better. Never hurts t try! Will play with cropping and see what I get. Appreciate the feedback!

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I was going to make a similar suggestion myself as I think the bright clouds detract from your subject!

Thanks, appreciate the feedback!


This has such a timeless and classic look - something out some historical records of a time gone by. Makes me think of “The Grapes of Wrath” - although I can’t say this belonged in any of the scenes I recall from the movie… but the sepia treatment I think helps place this in a time gone by…

But then… the contrail kinda brings it back to modern times… I think it would be a major edit to remove and you might not be comfortable with that much of an edit… but for sure you might be able to tone down the highlights to make the brighter clouds compete less with the overall impression you’ve captured and created.

Would love to see a closer study of the old grain building - or whatever it’s use was. Not sure what happened, but there is no “larger view”, which is a bummer cause I’d love to get a closer look at the details of the building itself.

thanks for sharing!


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Lon, thanks for the kind note! This old granary is about 10 miles outside Choteau, MT along a few miles of gravel roads. Unless you have a reason to be on that road, you’d never see it. There is also a RR track nearby, a common requirement for grain producers to get their product to market.

Thanks again for the feedback and ideas!

This image has a lot of ‘presence’ to it. In this case I would keep the contrails because they converge to the top of the building and bring emphasis to it.

I would have preferred to see a larger version of this in order to see more details in the tree and grass in both left. Overall I think you could raise the lighter tones in the face of that barn to make it stand out more (greater contrast).

Igor, thanks so much for your comments and suggestions! I like the contrails as well as they add a bit more interest to the image. I will play with the tones on the barn and see if it adds to the photo. Thanks again!

It was not until having looked through Lenswork and Brooks Jensen’s photography that I really began appreciating the sepia toning and using it myself, albeit a bit more subtly than this here. Nonetheless, I think it works well, especially for such an “old” subject.

As others have said, my only recommendation would be to crop it into a panorama, just below the contrails in the sky so as to get rid of them. I definitely would not crop it in any tighter on the sides, as you are already rather tight (in my taste) against the trees and right side of the building.

By the way, have you ever seen the work of Alex Burke? He primarily works in color but much of his photography is done in the prairies of Colorado. I’d highly recommend checking out his work, especially if you are looking for inspiration with this kind of photography.

Thanks Cody, appreciate the feedback. And yes, Alex is an amazing photographer. Thanks for the tip.

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