Beach Stone-curlew

The Beach Curlew has a conservation status of “Near Threatened” or “Critically Endangered”, depending on which state you are in. Only one egg is laid in nothing more than a scratchmark in the sand. The birds are facing habitat loss, predation by gulls, cats, foxes and feral pigs, but even more worrying are recreational vehicles.

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 500 100-400@400mm Hand-Held f5.6 1/3200

Basic Highlights and Shadows adjustments in ACR and in PS a bit of background softening, a gradient burn from the bottom and image flipped horizontally, and a Curves adjustment to add a little contrast to the bird only. BIG crop. 25% of original frame.

As another person from down your way used to say - what a little beauty. That bill is tremendous and I love the face markings. So many shorebirds are under threat these days. Maybe if the oceans rise and the edges of our continents become less stable they can get them back. Focus looks crisply on target, but maybe it could use a tad more contrast? I think that would help bring some definition to the plumage. Super job and thanks for sharing a creature I’ve never seen before.

Great image, Glenys. I love the pose and the position in the frame. This is a really interesting bird. Well done.

Gorgeous!! And wonderful IQ for a big crop – a tribute to both you and your equipment.

I love the pose, the subtle matching colors and the environment. The processing and BG treatment are wonderful. It’s sad enough that “indirect” human encroachment threatens species, but, really – can’t somebody keep RVs off the beaches?? They could make great playgrounds in the garbage dumps, and help compact the mess in the bargain!!!

Thank you Kris, David and Diane!

Great idea about increasing the Contrast on the bird. I have a few other shots from the same time that I could try that out on.

Wonderful idea Diane. There is a certain appeal of driving along a windswept remote beach, but if recreational driving is continued to be allowed, there should be laws against driving on the high tide.

Exceptionally well done image. Superb job on the detail, color, and contrast. Composed well. The eye is impressive.

Intriguing species, especially the bill is awesome. Nice background info. Wonderful shot, nice light and I love the raised foot. No nits from my side - simply great . Cheers, Hans