Beaver Pond Sculpture #2



Here’s another in the series I’ve been working on – Beaver Pond Sculpture. While they do appear to me as sculptures – art without artists – they also appeal to me in the way this image, for example, has the feel of bleached bones. Even in death there remains a vitality in this form that no sculpture could truly capture. I’m still working with high key processing and trying to get just enough of the detail in the snow to give it context but not so much that it detracts from the weather worn trunk. All feedback is welcome, of course but I’d be particularly interested on the emotional impact, if any, this image has for you.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Another winner, Kerry. I love the hi-key effect here and the slight diagonal in the composition. Great details in the wood as well. Absolutely lovely. I had a very minor nit in that I think a little extra contrast between the wood and snow might be nice. I opened the shadows in the wood, upped the saturation just a little (on the few areas with color in the wood), and burned the wood just a tiny bit to provide that contrast. I’m not sure it’s any better because it was pretty much perfect as presented.

I love the detailed texture in the wood. Bill’s color enhancement makes a difference. There is equal spacing from all sides that I would have tried to avoid.

@Bill_Chambers , @Igor_Doncov - thanks to you both for suggestions. I have posted a revision does add a touch more colour and is also less centered (content aware is an amazing tool!). Let me know what you think.

Kerry, your revision is perfect! Superb image!

They are art with an artist, because how you visualize and present the image influences the viewer’s perception and elevates it to the realm of art. The stark, high key treatment plays on the viewers emotions, only in such isolation does the tree look so dynamic. I think the rework is nice improvement, the color and extra space at the top help.

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Real nice work, Kerry. The differences in the revised version are subtle, but I think an improvement. No suggestions here, well done.

This is so good…
I really love these series.
I do totally agree with @Ed_McGuirk comment; there is no art without artist, and without purpose.

@Harley_Goldman - You’re feedback is always appreciated, Harley.
@joaoquintela, @Ed_McGuirk - Thanks, Joao, your comments are as thoughtful as your photography :smile: But I would like to add a few words about the notion of art without an artist. My comment was not with respect to this photograph. In that regard, there clearly is an artist with intention - me. What I was referring to were the objects that I was taking pictures of, which I definitely perceived as art. Unless you believe in “God the Architect”, a kind of supernatural being that creates all this stuff, these objects arise as a product of the unfolding of the Natural World. Personally, I don’t believe in a Creator. To my mind, creation isn’t something that happened, it’s something that is happening . In that respect there is, strictly speaking, no creator or artist since creation is an ongoing phenomenon of which I/we are co-creative participants. In that regard, the world itself, is art without an artist.

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