Beaver Pond Sculpture #3

Yet another in this series of Beaver Pond Sculptures. As always, your thoughts, feelings and all forms of feedback would be most welcome and appreciated.

Is this a composite: No


Another real nice sculpture from the pond. I am enjoying the series.

This series has been very interesting . This one stands out for it’s simplicity that I really appreciate. I think your placement in the frame and the amount of snow border is just right.

I have just now looked through all of the three images so far in this series (and I hope their will be more!). Thanks for sharing, the images are excellent. The shapes, details and colors of the wood sculptures are amazing, and the calm-but-still-some-texture snow cover is the perfect canvas for presenting the sculptures.

Very simple but effective. I like it. No suggestions from me.

This is the first one I really like. I would crop from top and bottom. The is a really beautiful piece of wood and I think viewed from the best possible angle.

Another fine addition to the series, this one is particularly elegant in it’s simplicity. Having that dark patch of open ice works well, and adds some variety to this series. When viewed large, the edges of the snow around the ice add some nice texture and depth.

Another beauty, Kerry. I’m loving this series! At the small size, this looks wonderful, but at the larger size there’s something that isn’t working for me, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly yet. Your composition is excellent so it’s not that, white point, texture, etc. is fine too, but something is a little off. I’ll download it and see if I can figure it out. It’s also important to note that just because it appears off to me doesn’t actually means it’s off at all, especially since no one else has mentioned it. I shall return…