Beginnings and Endings

I took this in Carrizo Plain, Central California, which turns into an amazing display of wildflowers in early April. It was sunset, which is why I also put “endings” in the title. Handheld as I jumped out of the car at the last minute.

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This is lovely Kathy, especially with the addition of water in the Carrizo- scarce to nonexistent when I’ve visited. Mix in the right clouds and a great sunset, and this is stellar.

That’s one gorgeous collection of wildflowers, Kathy. I like the angle and I’d really be interested in what focal length you were at to get that look. A beautiful image.

Love the flowers and the light, Kathy! Good job with the exposure which is difficult for this kind of shot. The small size looks nice and sharp but for some reason the large size is quite soft all around. Consequently, I like the small version much better.

A beautiful scene, Kathy, with an amazing collection of wildflowers.

Beautiful light and a great perspective with the flowers popping up right into your face. The tonal range seems just perfect to me.